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Dwarf Southern Magnolia

A dwarf Southern Magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. This delightful evergreen will provide you with a display of large white fragrant flowers in the summer. The leaves of this tree are a rusty- brown on the underside and will not take over your yard like a true Southern […]

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Benefits of a shade tree

During the dogs days of summer a small fortune is often spent on trying to keep cool and get out of the heat. Why not save on those electricity bills and invest in a shade tree. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the net cooling effect of a young healthy tree is equivalent to […]

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Why Cedar Mulch?

Nothing quite adds the finishing touch to a landscape like cedar mulch. The visual benefits of this product are well known but few are educated on the total package of benefits cedar mulch provides. Cedar mulch is essential in a new landscape simply because it provides a natural weed barrier and aids greatly in water […]

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Have you seen this weed in your lawn? If so you have the very common weed of quackgrass. This year numerous lawns have been ruined by this invader and if not treated properly it will grow bigger and spread. Come into our store today and we will arm you with the most effective chemical to […]

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Summer Blooms

Every one knows about spring blooms with the standard azalea but for a true display of color one needs a variety of plants with different bloom periods to ensure the perfect yard will always a focal point with a display of flowers. Being as most trees and shrubs bloom in the spring one should make […]

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Rain Barrels

On those hot summer days what can be better for your water bill than a 50 gallon rain barrel. Easily attached to your gutter to harvest all the runoff from your roof for use at a later date. A hose can be attached or a watering can can be used to transport the water to […]

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Specimen Plant Delivery

Looking for a unique centerpiece to your landscape and to give something for your guests to talk about, Araucaria araucana is one of the many specimen trees we have to offer. Shown above is one of our larger items being prepared for delivery. A delightful evergreen which when mature will produce a tasty seed as […]

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Attack of the Slugs

Due to a variety of different environmental factors the slugs this year have been overwhelming for many annual gardeners. We have gotten numerous horror stories of slug attacks and being as they use a stealth approach and attack at night the problem is commonly misdiagnosed. Shown above is an example of a victim which was […]

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Shaina Maple

Introducing our new shaina maple. A true dwarf which grows in a globe shape and can reach five feet. This plant will offer a nice red contrast to your landscape as well as little to no maintenance being as it will not need to be trimmed like most maples. A very slow grower which will […]

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Feelin’ Blue Cedar

A bright blue dwarf evergreen which will grow to 2-4' tall and spread to about 5' wide. Makes for a nice groundcover and fits in well on slopes or cascading off raised planterbeds and retaining walls. An irregular growth pattern allows for a year round injection of different heights, texture and color into your garden. […]

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