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Dragon-Eye Pine


This is one cool looking evergreen. This slow growing specimen can reach over 30 feet tall! This tree has odd colored needles covering it. They are green with yellow bands on them. This yellow intensifies as the summer goes on. It is rumor that this tree was sometimes kept at the entrance of Samurai's homes. This was due to the pine's toughness and endurance.

Golden Spanish Fir

A collectors item this is a very rare and unique tree. It has very stiff nonpointy needles. The needles are green but every year the new growth is a very special sulfur-gold color. This is a very slow growing tree that may only grow up to 10 feet tall.

Umbrella Pine


This is an ancient Japanese evergreen tree. Fossil records date it back to first appearing over 230million years ago (which is before the dinosaurs.) Unlike most pines the needles aren't needles. They have the shape of a needle but are not sharp and are soft, glossy and leaf like. These trees are very slow growers but may get between 15-27m tall. So come in soon to check out this prehistoric tree.

Burning Bush

A burning bush is a wonderful plant to have in your yard. At full maturity it is between 6 and 10 feet tall. This plant will flourish in full to part sun. This plant will be green for most of the year but starting in the late summer will become a beautiful red that is unmatched by any other plant. And best of all it's a fast growing plant, which would make it easy to shape into a hedge.


Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia or commonly known as a crape or grepe myrtle is a fantastic tree. They have just started flowering and have a beautiful flower that most trees can not match. They come in all sorts of different colors including red, white, pink, purple and lavender. They get raspberry colored berries after flowering that do not drop. Plus they have a stunning fall color. Also crape myrtles have a unique bark that is an orangey tint with white circles. Now with deer on Staten Island it is good to know that your tree is deer resistant and the ones we carry are also mildew resistant.


Sweet Potato Vine Flower

One of the seldom known facts about the sweet potato vine is that when the plant gets large enough it will produce a flower. The flower is very similar to that of a petunia with a very bright purple color. For a plant that is grown for its foliage and trailing growth habit the flower is a pleasant surprise for the late summer. This plant is easy to grow and can grow about six feet a year. Ideal for hanging over walls or can be planted in planters to cover the pot. It is a little late to get started on one this year but it is never to early to start thinking about next years garden.

Japanese quail

Adding to the chicken collection, we recently built a new coop to accommodate our covey of Japanese quail. They are very interesting and fun to watch birds. Next time you are in for plants, stop by the quail coop to see these odd birds.

Make your own portable garden

For those grid locked in hardscapes in need of some color to brighten up the cement, mother nature is here to help. One can build their own seasonal garden to brighten up even the dullest of areas. All that is needed is an ideal spot to showcase your creation and we can supply the rest. We can plant up as well as deliver or for the handy home owner we can just be used as a supplier. Our staff will be more than happy to aid you in your selection of plant material by giving the best advice we have. Make your own portable garden today and it will shorely give your guests something to talk about. For any questions please feel free to leave a reply below or leave a comment on our Facebook post.