It may be hot out, but Fall is on the way. A great indicator of the coming of Autumn is the beautiful berries produced by Holly, Hawthorn, and Crabapple plants. Each of these plants produce berries that will soon start to become a striking red color.
Holly bushes and trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are evergreen and others are deciduous. But almost all species will produce the red berries. Depending on species, the berries may be clustered differently. Some species cover the branch tips with long clusters of berries, while others show small groupings popping up amongst the dark green leaves. The combination of the dark leaf color and the vibrant berries will provide striking contrast to the space. Blackbirds and thrushes are often attracted to the holly bush and will come to eat some of the berries; which are sometimes poisonous to humans.
Hawthorn is a plant that based on the species can be a small tree or bush. The twigs of the bush grow small, sharp thorns; however some varieties do come thornless. Often used as ornamental trees, they sometimes line the streets in neighborhoods. Hawthorn berries sprout in small clusters, with the berries forming in the end of Summer into Fall. The flowers of Hawthorn usually sprout in May. The berries are used in various recipes and are usually edible as long as the seeds are avoided. In some cultures, the leaves are used in salads. The berries and extracts of Hawthorn are used in some heart health medication.
Crabapples are beautiful ornamental trees with red and yellow berries, looking similar to small apples. In the Spring, these trees are covered with colorful flowers in hues of pinks, whites, and reds. It the Summer, the berries turn to red, popping out of the green leaves. As the leaves fall in the Fall, the leaves fall away to show the full color of the berries. Crabapples are poisonous to dogs and cats. While edible to humans, they are often sour or bitter, with very little flesh or pulp to eat.
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