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Five considerations when deciding to landscape your home

1. Sun: The sun plays a much larger role in plant selection than many think. Some plants do best in a sunny area whereas others require more shade. It is important to know which plant options would work best for your specific spot. 2. Drainage: This could be a life or death factor for your [...]

Spring has Sprung, Time to get Planting!

Spring is here and its time to get planting! Due to their cold tolerance, the first annuals we will be stocking will be the pansies, always the first flowers to brighten up your garden. A great bridge of color until the rest of the annuals arrive in late April. The bulbs, which needed to be [...]

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Time to start planning for Spring

The first day of spring is March 20th, which means now is a great time to start planning for this years gardening. To give fair warning, the weather warms up very fast and things start to get hectic at the nursery real fast. To avoid the crowds and get first crack at the new inventory, now is [...]

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Landscaping Renovations

At Wiesner Bros, we can beautify any outdoor space, small or large, residential or commercial. From the front of charming townhouses, to the larger areas of St. Joseph Hill Academy, your outdoor spaces can be enhanced and beautifully redone with the help of the experts at Wiesner Bros Nursery Inc. No space is too small [...]

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Recreate Your Outdoor Space

A great way to improve the beauty of your home is by improving or renovating the landscaping. Renovating your landscape can be a challenge, but the benefit of a beautiful outdoor space is well worth it. No matter how big or small your front or back yard is, Wiesner Bros Nursery Inc. can help you [...]

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Architectural Landscaping

Some of the most breathtaking landscaping in the world, from the Hanging Gardens of Ancient Babylon, to the Orangery at the Palace of Versailles, have not just been cared for by gardeners. The shrubs, flowers, trees, and plants were not placed haphazardly; and somehow created beautiful outdoor spaces renowned throughout the world. Just as every [...]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international part II

Wiesner Bros. Continues Work Internationally.       This January Hans Wiesner, ASLA our staff landscape architect had the opportunity to travel to Cartagena Colombia.  He is part of a team from Christ Church NYC a Methodist Church in Manhattan that is working with the Methodist Church in Columbia on a variety of community outreach [...]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international

WIESNER BROTHERS GOES INTERNATIONAL This week the pastoral staff of Christ Church New York City (United Methodist Church) called upon Hans Wiesner to offer his professional expertise in developing a “green zone” adjacent to a church located on the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia. The plan calls for an undeveloped space to be repurposed into a [...]

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