Plant Problems

/Plant Problems

Save your lawn and garden from ice melt damage!

When salt dissolves in water, it becomes toxic to plants. Upon dissolving and seeping into the soil, the much needed phosphorous and potassium in the ground gets replaced with the sodium ions. The use of rock salt will soak up the water and not allow it to go to the roots. This will stress out [...]

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What the hell happened to my plants?!

As we collectively boo old man winter  off stage, we are beginning to notice  his brutal effects in our landscapes across the North East. This winter was not very kind to our beloved broadleaf evergreens.  The following plants were hit very hard: Andromeda, Azalea, Boxwood, Holly, Laurel, Leucothoe, Photinia and Rhododendron. What Happened?   The [...]

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Prescription For Success

Prescriptive Fertilization At Wiesner Bros. we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool.  The more information that you have on your landscape and garden, the better you understand the reason certain tasks are done. Fertilization of trees and shrubs is not the same as fertilization of your lawn or summer flowers, and yes too little [...]

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