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Tips to minimize snow damage to your upright evergreens

Upright evergreens can take a beating over the course of a winter such as the one we're experiencing this year.  There are some things you can do to minimize the long term damage. Proper preparation is best thing to do in situations such as this, but it's too late for that now, so let's concentrate on what can be done now.

First you should gently brush off the snow, by hand or with a broom if extra reach is needed, from what would be the upper braches.  Then gently clear the snow away from lower braches.  Doing this should provide you with some immediate results and in some minor cases may be all that is required.  In most cases additional steps will be required.

In addition to the previous steps you may need to tie up some branches.  If the branches needing to be tied are smaller in size we suggest using garden tape.  This item allows you to tie up and return the piece to a more natural form without the danger of "girdling" the branches.  Girdling, to any degree is not good and should be avoided at all costs.  Girdling is even more of a concern when dealing with larger branches.  If larger branches do require tying we suggest using Arbor Tie and not using a heavy gauge rope or metal wire of any kind.  

In more severe cases, you may find you need to tie the entire piece and possibly use one or more stakes to pull the piece back to its upright position. 

If your upright evergreens look anything like the ones pictured above, at least now you know all may not be lost, take some pictures and stop in today for some specific advice on your situation.





Have you seen this weed in your lawn? If so you have the very common weed of quackgrass. This year numerous lawns have been ruined by this invader and if not treated properly it will grow bigger and spread. Come into our store today and we will arm you with the most effective chemical to do away with the weed and give you back control of your lawn. For any questions please feel free to leave a reply below or a comment on our Facebook post.

Attack of the Slugs

Due to a variety of different environmental factors the slugs this year have been overwhelming for many annual gardeners. We have gotten numerous horror stories of slug attacks and being as they use a stealth approach and attack at night the problem is commonly misdiagnosed. Shown above is an example of a victim which was once a beautiful petunia. Some common clues to pinpointing a slug attack can be a small slime trail and circular bite marks. Come into our store today and we will aid you in properly arming you for your fight against those pesky slugs. If you are not sure what is wrong, bring in a sample of your plant and our experts will be more than happy to help diagnose your problem.

Bag Worms

Have you seen this critter on you plants? If so you have bag worms on your plants which need to be treated and done so fast. For directions on how to properly treat this problem come into our garden center today and our experts will gladly lend a helping hand in your plants road to recovery.


Do your plant leafs look like this? If so, you most likely have the fairly common scale insect. For directions on how to properly treat this problem come into our garden center today and our experts will gladly lend a helping hand in your plants road to recovery.

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