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Hollies, Rhododendrons, and Laurels are just a few examples of broadleaf evergreens common to our area.  These plants help keep our landscapes looking beautiful year round. The dry winds of winter blow across these plants robbing them of their moisture and by winter's end they may have significant damage.  A little care can prevent a great deal of this damage.  […]

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Why Cedar Mulch?

Nothing quite adds the finishing touch to a landscape like cedar mulch. The visual benefits of this product are well known but few are educated on the total package of benefits cedar mulch provides. Cedar mulch is essential in a new landscape simply because it provides a natural weed barrier and aids greatly in water […]

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Rain Barrels

On those hot summer days what can be better for your water bill than a 50 gallon rain barrel. Easily attached to your gutter to harvest all the runoff from your roof for use at a later date. A hose can be attached or a watering can can be used to transport the water to […]

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Dr. Earth

Try out one of our newer products in the Dr. Earth fertilizer line. It has numerious different products for what ever needs your landscape may have ranging from bloom promoting products to vegetable garden fertilizers. The products are good for the plants and good for the planet being 100% organic.

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How to fertilize your plants


View our quick tutorial on how to properly fertilize a plant:



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