Wiesner Bros. Nursery has a wide selection of  Fraser fir Christmas trees, ready and waiting for Staten  Islanders with a discerning eye for quality. You can come down to our 8 acre nursery and walk through our fresh, lush inventory of Christmas trees and wreaths. Find the perfect tree or wreath for your home holiday decorating. You can pick out your tree and we can hold it for you until your ready to bring it home.  We just received a fresh shipment of Poinsettias, in bloom, with your choice of colors.

About our trees

Our latest shipment of trees are in.

Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) is a small evergreen coniferous tree widely used as a Christmas tree in local homes on Staten Island. Wiesner Bros. Nursery has a fresh selection with hundreds of these wonderful trees. The Fraser fir has a lovely, pleasant fragrance, dark blue-green color and the ability to hold onto it’s soft needles. It has been used most often as the White House Christmas tree more than any other tree because of it’s beauty and traditional look and fragrance. It requires 7-10 years in the field to produce a 6-7 foot tree.  Come down and visit our nursery, where you’ll find knowledgeable, friendly experts to help you.

Merry Christmas!

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