When & How to Fertilize
Saturday, April 11 @ 10:00am

Fertilizer is applied to provide your garden with the proper conditions for optimal growth. Any plant grown in the best soil will absorb nutrients over time and leave the soil less fertile. This is why your garden needs to be fertilized, to replenish lost nutrients and ensure this years growth has the food to be optimized. Come learn the ins and outs of when and how to fertilize hosted by Paul Kuohn.


Bugs, Weeds & Disease?
Saturday, April 18 @10:00am

In order to properly maintain healthy plants, one needs to be properly armed and prepped for the event in which undesirable bugs, weeds and disease are intrude on your garden. Solutions to these commonalities will be provided by guest speaker Jim DiDomini of Bonide.

– Bring in a soil sample for a free PH test.

-Free tree sapling giveaway to the first 100 attendees!


Caring For Your Lawn

Sunday, April 19 @ 11:00am
The envy of suburban home owners world wide is to boast the greenest, weed free lawn in the neighborhood. To obtain the proper foundation in being able to do so is to be properly educated on the overlooked topic of lawn care. To ensure you are provided with the most up to date knowledge around, we have brought in guest speaker Richard Inlay of Jonathan Green.-Free tree sapling giveaway to the first 100 attendees!


Proper Planting Technique for S.I. Soil
Saturday, May 2 @ 10:00am

A commonly over looked aspect of plant install is the actual technique used when introducing a desired plant to its new home. Since different locations call for different techniques, this seminar will be geared for the conditions Staten Island provides us with. It will be hosted by Max Wiesner.

-Miracle-gro packets will be included with purchase of a perennial 1g or greater.