Install of a Weeping Willow & Red Maple

A specimen weeping willow and red maple installed near Silver Lake. A mid December project, which is an optimal time to transplant large plant material. We have a wide array of large trees that are great at providing shade and much needed privacy.

Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus Draconis’

A variegated form of Japanese red pine which is commonly known as a Dragon Eye Pine. Needles are banded with yellow and green which intensify in the summer heat.

Front Yard Bench

A small front yard landscaped in Oakwood. The design was based upon an existing bench the customer requested to be worked in.

Sloped Front Yard

A sloped front yard bed landscaped in Eltingville. Designed around an existing water feature, with a specimen shishiwaku blue spruce placed in the center.

Small Front Yard

The before and after of a small front yard in the Midland Beach area. A couple nice specimens highlighted with a slew of annuals for summer color.

Front Yard Garden

A newly landscaped home highlighted by a specimen Fagus sylvatica ‘roseomarginata’ planted on a lawn island.

Front Entrance

Always providing a unique display of color at our front entrance.

Spring has Sprung

A view over an orangeola maple in our front display.

Beautiful Spring Day

It’s Mothers Day weekend and the nursery is bursting with color.

Shady Front Yard

The Before and After of a shady front yard in West Brighton.

Proper Planting Technique

Max Wiesner talking at our spring seminar titled “Proper Planting Technique for S.I. Soil”. This seminar reviewed proper planting practices as well as the most common do’s and dont’s for installing your new plant.

Amending Your Soil

Hans Wiesner speaking at our spring seminar titled “Amending Your Soil”. A discussion offered to provide the ins and outs of how and why to properly amend your soil.

Caring For Your Lawn

Richard Imlay of Jonathan Green speaking at one of our spring seminars. He provided our attendees with professional advice on how to sport and maintain the nicest lawn on the block.

Bugs, Weeds, Disease?

A couple images gathered from one of our spring seminars. Jim DiDomini of Bonide came to speak and offered a variety of solutions to bugs, weeds and diseases in the Staten Island garden.

Spring Fertilizing Seminar

Paul speaking at one of our free seminars offered to help educate the community on when & how to fertilize.

Great fall color

An Acer japonicum in front of the store, defiantly a head turner.

Instant shade

A Quercus phellos ready for departure.

Instant shade

Instant shade in your yard with an Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’.

Golden fall color

An Acer palmatum simply glowing in the fall.

Fountain overview

Always stocked with a wide variety of fountains.

Potted Juniper Planter

A great idea to add some color to a hardscape.

Overview of the nursery

We stock quite an array of plant material.

Araucaria araucaria

An araucaria araucaria balled up and ready for departure to its new home.