For beautiful Winter color in your garden, Icicle Pansies are flowers that grow late into the Winter and can even bloom again in the early Spring. When planted, Icicle Pansies bloom in the early Fall and Spring. Icicle Pansies grow in a variety of colors, from deep purple to orange to sky blues. Like most garden pansies, they generally have 2 or more colors. Icicle Pansies are wonderful Biennials that surely revitalize your garden throughout the winter. Bred to be extremely cold-resistant it is one of the first garden plants to bloom in the spring, and one of the last flowers to fade in the winter. Icicle pansies grow well in the ground, but are more likely to freeze in the winter if planted in planters or pots. Soil out of the ground is more likely to dry out and freeze up than the topsoil in a garden.
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