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Seed Starter Seminar – April 4, 2015

     1. Seeds What to start indoors When to start Starting Mix Soil-less mixes Containers Trays Pots Peat Covers Plastic Covers Bags The Procedure Soaking the seed Preparing the starting mix Planting Temperature & Light Refrigerator & heat mats Care for your Seedling Thinning Fertilizing Seeds What to start? I start what I eat in [...]

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What the hell happened to my plants?!

As we collectively boo old man winter  off stage, we are beginning to notice  his brutal effects in our landscapes across the North East. This winter was not very kind to our beloved broadleaf evergreens.  The following plants were hit very hard: Andromeda, Azalea, Boxwood, Holly, Laurel, Leucothoe, Photinia and Rhododendron. What Happened?   The [...]

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Why Fertilize?

Fertilizer is applied to provide your garden with the proper conditions for optimal growth. Any plant grown in the best soil will absorb nutrients over time and leave the soil less fertile.  This is why your garden needs to be fertilized, to replenish lost nutrients and ensure this year's growth has the food to be optimized. Fertilizing a [...]

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