Some of the most breathtaking landscaping in the world, from the Hanging Gardens of Ancient Babylon, to the Orangery at the Palace of Versailles, have not just been cared for by gardeners. The shrubs, flowers, trees, and plants were not placed haphazardly; and somehow created beautiful outdoor spaces renowned throughout the world. Just as every cottage and every palace was built with an architectural plan in mind, so were the best and most intricate of gardens, lawns, and grounds. Behind every home, is a proud architect. Hans Wiesner of Wiesner Bros Nursery is trained in the art of Architectural Landscaping, a discipline that helps our experts design the best outdoor space for your home or business. Landscape Architects culminate a large variety of skills and practices to create your perfect garden or lawn for your needs and desires. By bringing together practices of geology, geography, botany, horticulture, the fine arts, architecture, industrial design, soil sciences, environmental psychology, and ecology; Landscape Architects can create exquisite and beautiful spaces for any home. Landscape Architects can help you make the most of any land, given the topography and size of the area. Architectural landscaping can also improve water drainage around your home to help prevent flooding during big storms or snow melt.
A properly designed garden can have many more added benefits than just impressing the neighbors. Part of architectural landscaping, known as environmental psychology, is the study of how the brain and senses respond to different spaces, and how terrain and horticulture enhances the process. Many hospitals, nursing homes, and health centers use well-designed gardens to improve patient happiness, combat memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients, boost the immune systems, and encourage physical activity.
Bioremediation is an important job of a Landscape Architect. Using different plants, fungi, and microbes, Landscape Architects can work to repair polluted, industrial disasters into beautiful, colorful works of art.
Green Roofs are a very impactful and effective Landscaping technique. By building a rooftop garden, you reduce your carbon footprint, and improve the environment. In the summer, when compared to a black tar roof, a rooftop garden can be about 60 degrees cooler, reducing air conditioning costs. In the winter, the plants insulate and reduce heating costs. Throughout the spring and summer, green roofs provide excellent habitats for pollinating insects and birds. This also reduces erosion and flooding on your property.
Wiesner Bros Nursery is certified by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). For four generations, Wiesner Bros. Inc. has been serving Staten Island for commercial and residential landscaping. We help you create your dream garden for your dream home. No other Landscaping company on Staten Island can compare. Come in for a visit, and speak with our knowledgeable staff for the latest tips on Horticulture.