The end of April is a time to remember to protect the earth and plant some trees. Friday, April 22nd was Earth Day, and Friday April 29th will be Arbor Day. These days are good reminders to help revitalize the greenery of our planet. But we need to remember, everyday should be Earth day. It should be second nature to strive to clean up and protect the environment on a regular basis, for the good of every living thing on the planet. The world we live in is the only one we have, so why not treat it right and make it more naturally beautiful. If we all take the time to care for a few plants this year, the world becomes greener, and healthier. Stop by Wiesner Bros. Nursery and contribute to restoring the earth by planting a tree, some flowers, or a vegetable garden today.
Cherry trees are in bloom and can add red color to your outdoor space. Kwanzan cherry trees produce bright red leaves; whereas the schubert cherry sprouts leaves that are a deep red hue.
Azalea and Lilac shrubs are in bloom at this time, and offer vibrant color and each are grown in a multitude of hues. Azaleas grow in shades of whites, reds, pinks, and purples. Lilacs bloom in shades from white and lavender, to deep purples. The Wiesner Bros. Nursery will be bringing in new annuals weekly that will grow and add color to the garden until the fall.
Vegetables such as peppers, sweet potatoes, and squash grow well throughout the summer and can bring color to the garden; and flavor to the kitchen.
Celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Day by coming down to Wiesner Bros. Nursery to help protect the planet.