Wiesner Bros Nursery Pictures 002Do you love the outdoors?  Have you thought about a career at Wiesner Bros. Nursery?  We have been serving homeowners and gardening enthusiasts since 1928.  Every year we expand our team to maintain our grounds and work on landscaping projects. If you love working with people and the outdoors  please read “What It Takes To Be An Employee At Wiesner Bros. Nursery”. If you have what it takes submit an application below.

Employment application

Email to: max@wiesnerbros.com

What It Takes To Be An Employee At

Wiesner Bros. Nursery

Who are we?

Wiesner Bros. Nursery opened in 1928. This company is a “corporate-run” family owned business. Our company includes a retail garden center, over eight acres of nursery stock, and a knowledgeable landscaping department. Our growth depends on customer satisfaction and a commitment to professional, courteous customer service.


Image matters to us. We provide our employees with our company logo shirts, baseball caps and sweatshirts. You will need to supply khaki or tan pants. Visible pierced body parts, other than earrings may not be worn during nursery business hours. Men are expected to come to work with faces shaved, unless your beard/mustache is permanent.


Our employees are expected to show up to work on time consistently. We expect our employees to always have tasks to tend to, and ensure all tasks are completed before clocking out for the night. Employees that go the extra mile for our company appeal to us. We encourage and reward our employees who take the time to offer ideas or suggestions that might make our company run more efficiently, service our customers better, increase our business, or save us time and money. We expect our company policy to be followed and respected.

Physical Work Environment

Employees will work both indoors and outdoors in all type of weather conditions including sun, cold, heat, and rain. This job is physical, and requires frequent bending, grabbing and lifting. Besides standing, walking, and being on your feet all day, you will need to be pleasant and energetic. We encourage employees to maintain good physical and mental preparedness to enable them to perform necessary work duties in a consistent, high performance type manner.

NOTE: You will be expected to be able to lift at least a 5 gallon shrub/tree and a 2 cubic foot bag of soil.

Social Work Environment

We have a very social, caring, and outgoing staff. It is important that you are able to get along well with people and the rest of the staff to be a cohesive part of our team. We expect every employee to carry their weight and perform their responsibilities in an appropriate manner. In return we’re flexible, and we will support your growth both personally and professionally.

Customer Service

As an employee of ours, you are expected to offer polite, prompt, energetic, enthusiastic, and courteous service with a smile. You will need to have the ability to be patient when confronted with a challenge, and to continually seek out knowledge of all our plants and products. Our employees are expected to act with a sense of urgency towards our customers. Their time is valuable to them and the help they receive from our staff should be nothing less than immediate and nothing short of excellence.


If you feel you have the above qualities, and can work within the parameters of our company policy and work environment, we encourage you to complete our job application. Thank you for applying.