From Abies arizonica to Zelkova serrata (Arizona Fir and Japanese Zelkova respectively), our nursery holds the largest selection of plant species for retail in NYC. With a commitment to quality, Ralph M. Wiesner Jr. personally hand picks large and rare specimens from a variety of select growers across the country.

Whether you are coming in to take a break from the noise and stress of the city, or seeking design and horticultural advice, our professional staff looks forward to helping you with your questions and meeting your design needs. We have a variety of ever changing display gardens at the nursery designed with the goal of spurring creative ideas and most importantly, providing an environment that the customer will truly appreciate visiting.

If you would like help with a landscape design, please bring in some pictures and measurements of your property. This will help in determining the size, shape, texture, color and quantity of plant material. We will not sell a plant solely to make a sale, but will take into consideration the solar orientation, size and drainage requirement of the location and make a professional recommendation on what will work and look best. We guarantee our properly installed nursery stock, and are trained to custom design any area of your yard.

In an effort to continue to improve, we will focus on providing the latest cold-hardy and disease resistant evergreen and deciduous plant material. We have taken your suggestions into consideration, and if there are any new varieties you would like to see please contact us.