A back yard oasis secluded from the busy city life

In the early Spring, a client approached us and asked to create a custom landscape design that would add to the tranquil feel they were looking for in their backyard. The client began their project by installing a beautiful wooden deck and hot tub. With the mindset of privacy and plenty of color and textures for ascetics, we developed the plan.

The anchors of the yard were two specimen fastigiate pines in either corner with a red Japanese maple as the center piece. Two pieces of garden art; a granite bench and birdbath, were integrated into the landscape to fuse the natural and manmade aspects of the yard. Flowering annuals were installed in the foreground for prolonged summer blooms.

After the plants were installed, a fresh layer of shredded cedar mulch was laid in the planting beds. Mulch is a great way to keep weeds down, adds a neat finished look and retains moisture in the soil; which is imperative when plants are just starting out in a new location. The yard was then seeded and a nice and dense lawn was grown.

Wiesner Bros. returns to the project site twice a year to maintain the property. An initial walk through visit is conducted in the early spring to make sure everything is in tip top shape after the winter season. The maintenance crew then comes at a later date to trim, fertilize, freshen up the much and install new annuals for the growing season.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Design & Install, Maintenance


Proposed Plan