An over-grown front yard revived with color

The redo of an aged out landscape at a ranch home in the Huguenot section of Staten Island. Removals were done of all the over grown plants while saving two younger azalea and a young peony, which were transplanted to another part of the yard. The design was built around the structure of the home by framing the windows with holly and a specimen Rhode Island red maple strategically placed to be the focal point of the design.

An evergreen back drop was used with an assortment of azalea, hydrangea and butterfly bush in the foreground for alternating spring and summer flowers. Annuals will be planted after the cool spring nights warm up. A bird bath was installed along with fieldstone out cropping for a natural look and blue concrete steppers as a pathway to the side yard.

Fresh soil was added to slope the planting bed away from home. This is an over looked aspect with new landscapes, maintaining a dry basement is key! A layer of mulch was added as the final touch to conserve moisture when the new plants establish in their new home, and to keep away those pesky weeds. We are looking forward to seeing this new landscape flourish.