Every year, the Wiesner family travels across the country to pick the best and most beautiful plants and trees to bring home to you. Recently, we took a trip to Oregon to seek out trees of all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Wiesner Bros. handpicks and tags the trees we want to bring home with us, so you get the best and most lively trees for your home.
Among the trees we picked this year are the “Chief Joseph” Pinus Contorta, a slow-growing, very sought after tree with beautiful golden needles from fall to spring; and the Picea Pungens “Hoopsii,” with its elegant, silver-blue needles clustered closely.
Our shipment of trees selected by our expert staff will arrive in mid-April, so stop by and start planning your dream garden for your dream home. Sit down with our knowledgeable landscape architects and design the perfect outdoor space for you. For pictures from our trip to Oregon and more, visit our Pinterest Page.