Pansies are a hardy flower that will bloom the majority of the winter season and into the spring when planted after the weather cools down. They prefer sun but can also tolerate part shade. Our favorite late flowering annual, here are reasons why we recommend them:

More Color

They are a great supplement to your standard annuals, such as petunias, marigolds, begonias etc. To have the most color in your garden, year round, it is a great idea to have pansies for the cooler months and switch to alternative annuals for the hotter months. When planted in the fall, pansies can last up to eight months, from September to May and potentially even June, adding plenty of fall and spring color. Icicle Pansies grow in a variety of colors, from deep purple to orange to sky blues.


During the dead of the winter, pansies are far from their prime when they are not covered in snow. But no plant blooms this time of year. The reason for keeping them around during this time is the spring blooms are much more spectacular when they had the extra time during the fall to root in and establish themselves.

No Down Time

To optimize your spring display, a great technique to use to during the fall to plant pansies and bulbs in the same bed. The bulbs will take off in early spring while the pansies will really hit their strides when the bulbs are just finishing up. This is a great way to get plenty of color from your beds during the early Spring color lull.

**Remember to grab only the winter hardy varieties to ensure that great spring color**

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