Have you let this endless winter get you into a funk?  For most kinds of trees and shrubs, early spring is the ideal planting season.  It is always advised to start your planning as soon as possible to locate and possible order the plants you desire.  Spring is only two weeks away, March 20th to be exact.  Therefore, if you are planning to plant in your garden this spring, now is the time to start moving forward with your plans.

Start off with a little research on the time(s) of year you want various parts of your yard to be in its glory.  There are many web-sites and books that break trees and shrubs down by their bloom period. Also see if you have a survey of your property which shows the size of your lot, a north arrow (for solar orientation) to determine if you will need sun or shade plants.  Then determine the size of your desired garden and identify any existing trouble spots or limitations such as poor drainage, over-head trees, utilities or unwanted views.

Envision the type of garden you want, be it formal or informal, Japanese, English, Italian etc. and the focal points or features you want to incorporate. Tropical plants have been growing in popularity and give an exotic, relaxing feeling after a long day.  They are not always hardy but more and more clients are willing to invest in them for the ambiance they create. Our eight acre nursery and knowledgeable horticulturists provide an exception resource to help with this.  We have many garden features to look at and experience, as well as catalogs and pictures of work completed.

Call us today to arrange a sit down to discuss you visions for your spring planting.