Every landscape is different in terms of shape, size and make up. They can range from a combination of mature evergreens to a mix of seasonal flowers. What all landscapes do have in common is that they will benefit from the install of fresh cedar mulch. Cedar mulch comes in a natural brown and also dyed red and black colors. Here are the reasons why we so strongly recommend mulch for your yard:

  • Retains moisture in the soil, so your plants don’t dry out in the hot weather.
  • It will break down over time and help contribute to soil health.
  • Insulates the soil and reduces winter injury.
  • Helps with weed control
  • Naturally repellent for insects such as ticks, gnats and fleas
  • Ascetically pleasing and ads a nice neat finish

There are many different types of much out there, but we strongly recommend to stick with cedar. It is a little more pricy, but a much higher quality of a product. Please feel free to e-mail or call our experienced landscape staff with any questions.