The cooler weather is upon us and the days have grown shorter. Nature has begun to tuck itself in for the winter with many plants starting to go dormant. With all the beauty starting to fade away, it is a great time of the year to fix up the garden.

The spring has always been regarded as prime time to plant, but the window is so small. Plant roots grow very slowly in chilled earth and from the time the ground thaws out until the hot weather comes around, the spring planting season can fly by in the blink of an eye.

In the fall, the soil is still warm and thawed out from the long hot summer. If the plant is already in the ground, it will get off to a much faster start the following spring. The plants change their objectives in the cool fall months, they work all spring and summer on producing more leaves where as they concentrate on root production in the fall.

Shrubs, trees and even perennials planted in the fall won’t have to worry about drought and heat early in their lives, as they should have a much more established root system by the time the summer rolls around. Let the Wiesner staff help you in getting a heard start on next years gardening, weather it be a couple of small perennials for a pop of color in your yard or a 20′ shade tree to block out that hot sun from your back yard patio.