Wiesner Bros. Continues Work Internationally.





This January Hans Wiesner, ASLA our staff landscape architect had the opportunity to travel to Cartagena Colombia.  He is part of a team from Christ Church NYC a Methodist Church in Manhattan that is working with the Methodist Church in Columbia on a variety of community outreach projects.  Hans was brought in to help with the planning, design and construct of an athletic field and Green Space for the local community.  This was his second trip to Cartagena and he is collaborating with a local team of professionals to see the plan come to life.

Although a tropical climate, the planning, design and construction phasescolombia2015pic1 are similar to any region of the world.  The landscaping and plant selection are dictated by what works locally and accomplishes what the design intends.  The plant material is similar to plants that would grow in parts of Florida and Puerto Rico.  It is a rewarding challenge for all involved.

The people in Flora De Campo region of Cartagena have been relocated from various parts of Colombia due to the recent mudslides and rebel fighting. The demographic is a mixture of single mothers, senior citizens, many children and families.  The people are so grateful for our help and are eagerly waiting the opportunity to use the park.  The physical, social and psychological benefits of trees and plants will go a long way in bringing healing and comfort to this community.colombia2015pic4