Winter brings its own set of challenges for maintaining outdoor landscapes, but with a few key practices, you can ensure your garden and surroundings stay in top shape even in the colder months. Staten Island is USDA hardiness zone 7b which tells us what plants can stay outdoors and which will require extra care to survive the winter

Preparation is Key:
Before winter sets in, take the time to prepare your landscape. Trim overgrown branches, clean out gutters, and remove any debris. This proactive approach sets the stage for a healthier landscape during winter.

Snow and Ice Removal:
Clear walkways, driveways, and other paths regularly to prevent the buildup of snow and ice. Use eco-friendly de-icers to ensure safety without harming your plants.

Protect Your Plants:
Shield your plants from the winter chill by covering them with frost cloth or burlap. Mulching around the base helps retain moisture and insulate the roots. Be mindful of vulnerable plants and consider relocating potted ones indoors.

Lawn Care Basics:
Although your lawn may not be actively growing, a little care goes a long way. Keep it mowed at the right height, aerate if needed, and apply a winter fertilizer to nourish the soil.

Hardscape Maintenance:
Check your outdoor structures for any signs of wear. Seal wooden surfaces, inspect fences for stability, and protect outdoor furniture from the elements. Proper maintenance extends the life of your hardscapes.

Tree TLC:
Prune trees to remove dead or damaged branches and reduce the risk of breakage under snow or ice. Apply a layer of mulch around the base to protect the roots and retain moisture.

Pest Prevention:
Inspect plants for pests and take necessary measures to control them. Winter is no time for pests to take up residence, and early intervention can prevent infestations come spring.

Post-Winter Cleanup:
As winter bids farewell, conduct a thorough cleanup. Remove any protective coverings from plants, clear away debris, and inspect for any winter-related damage. This sets the stage for a vibrant spring revival.

In conclusion, winter landscape maintenance is about proactive care and thoughtful measures. By incorporating these essentials into your routine, you can preserve the beauty of your outdoor spaces, ensuring they emerge from winter ready to bloom with the arrival of spring.