2015 Spring Event Schedule

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Prescription For Success

Prescriptive Fertilization

At Wiesner Bros. we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool.  The more information that you have on your landscape and garden, the better you understand the reason certain tasks are done. Fertilization of trees and shrubs is not the same as fertilization of your lawn or summer flowers, and yes too little or […]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international part II

Wiesner Bros. Continues Work Internationally.




This January Hans Wiesner, ASLA our staff landscape architect had the opportunity to travel to Cartagena Colombia.  He is part of a team from Christ Church NYC a Methodist Church in Manhattan that is working with the Methodist Church in Columbia on a variety of community outreach projects.  Hans was brought […]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international


This week the pastoral staff of Christ Church New York City (United Methodist Church) called upon Hans Wiesner to offer his professional expertise in developing a “green zone” adjacent to a church located on the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia. The plan calls for an undeveloped space to be repurposed into a park […]

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Tips to minimize snow damage to your upright evergreens

Upright evergreens can take a beating over the course of a winter such as the one we're experiencing this year.  There are some things you can do to minimize the long term damage. Proper preparation is best thing to do in situations such as this, but it's too late for that now, so let's concentrate on what […]

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Christmas Tree Care

To care for your Wiesner Bros. Fraser Fir Christmas Tree:


Make a fresh cut straight across the base of the tree. Cut off approximately 1/4" to 1/2" before placing tree in the stand.


Use a stand that will hold a half gallon of water or more


Maximize the life and beauty of your tree by adding Tree […]

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Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree)

This is a picture of the rare monkey puzzle tree. It is native to Chile and Argentina and is now endangered. This rare tree can live up to a thousand years old!! It is also a very slow growing tree taking between thirty and forty years just to produce cones. Come in quick while supplies […]

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Sweet Potato Vine Flower

One of the seldom known facts about the sweet potato vine is that when the plant gets large enough it will produce a flower. The flower is very similar to that of a petunia with a very bright purple color. For a plant that is grown for its foliage and trailing growth habit the flower […]

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Japanese quail

Adding to the chicken collection, we recently built a new coop to accommodate our covey of Japanese quail. They are very interesting and fun to watch birds. Next time you are in for plants, stop by the quail coop to see these odd birds.

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