2015 Felix T. Gilroy Memorial Green Genesis Award

Every year, the SIEDC recognizes leaders in the local economy who have made significant advances in sustainability. Along with a select few other companies, Hans gladly accepted this award on our company’s behalf.

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“GOOD BUG TRIO” – Superheroes for your garden!

The “Good Bug Trio” is a team of insects which you can readily purchase and release into your garden.  The “Good Bug Trio” will battle the evil bugs in your garden and help keep it looking its best.

The first member of the “Good Bug Trio” is the Ladybug.  Ladybugs do not fly at night so […]

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Seed Starter Seminar – April 4, 2015

     1. Seeds

What to start indoors
When to start

Starting Mix

Soil-less mixes




Plastic Covers

The Procedure

Soaking the seed
Preparing the starting mix

Temperature & Light

Refrigerator & heat mats

Care for your Seedling



What to start?

I start what I eat in volume. I also start what is expensive to buy or hard to find. I don’t start […]

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2015 Spring Event Schedule

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Prescription For Success

Prescriptive Fertilization
At Wiesner Bros. we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool.  The more information that you have on your landscape and garden, the better you understand the reason certain tasks are done. Fertilization of trees and shrubs is not the same as fertilization of your lawn or summer flowers, and yes too little or […]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international part II

Wiesner Bros. Continues Work Internationally.




This January Hans Wiesner, ASLA our staff landscape architect had the opportunity to travel to Cartagena Colombia.  He is part of a team from Christ Church NYC a Methodist Church in Manhattan that is working with the Methodist Church in Columbia on a variety of community outreach projects.  Hans was brought […]

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Wiesner Bros. goes international


This week the pastoral staff of Christ Church New York City (United Methodist Church) called upon Hans Wiesner to offer his professional expertise in developing a “green zone” adjacent to a church located on the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia. The plan calls for an undeveloped space to be repurposed into a park […]

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Tips to minimize snow damage to your upright evergreens

Upright evergreens can take a beating over the course of a winter such as the one we’re experiencing this year.  There are some things you can do to minimize the long term damage. Proper preparation is best thing to do in situations such as this, but it’s too late for that now, so let’s concentrate […]

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