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We recently updated our Pinterest page, and will be doing so as we take more photos of our beautiful plants, gardens, and renovations. Discover the colors of nature with our Beautiful Flowers and Autumn Colors boards. See the joys of the holidays with our Holiday Decor board. Check out what our staff does on the […]

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Warm Weather in the Holiday Season

We may not have a white Christmas this year, but that doesn’t mean that your home can’t look like a beautiful winter wonderland. Wiesner Brothers has everything you need to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful winter landscape. Come down and take a look at our hand-crafted wreaths, kissing balls, and Christmas swags. Tour […]

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Seasonal Hours and Holiday Decor

Wiesner Brothers Nursery Inc wants to help bring the beauty of nature to your home for the holidays. Our handmade wreaths, kissing balls, poinsettias, Christmas trees, and Christmas swags make excellent decorations for your home. We also handcraft our grave pillows and blankets. To keep our doors open and our experts ready to help you […]

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Landscaping Renovations

At Wiesner Bros, we can beautify any outdoor space, small or large, residential or commercial. From the front of charming townhouses, to the larger areas of St. Joseph Hill Academy, your outdoor spaces can be enhanced and beautifully redone with the help of the experts at Wiesner Bros Nursery Inc.

No space is too small or […]

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Todt Hill Landscaping Project by Wiesner Bros.

Hans Wiesner of Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc. is Staten Island's only registered Landscape Architect practicing on the island. Landscape Architects help you achieve the best use of your land, while creating the look that you desire.

The following project is a mass renovation of a Todt Hill area home on Staten Island. The customer gave Hans an idea of what she visually liked for her home. Hans created a combination of the customers visual preferences along with the best use of her land. Using his years of experience a whole house design was constructed. The design was proposed to the customer and an action plan began in two stages. The back yard was renovated the first year and the front yard was done the next year.

Before the renovation the house had many overgrown larger plants and shrubs which gave the home a closed-in look. Wiesner Bros. landscaping crew removed the overgrown vegetation. Soil was added and graded properly to allow proper water flow though-out the property. Pathways were created and contracted out through a trusted mason. Colors and materials were chosen carefully to compliment the residence while highlighting the landscape. Larger plants were then installed in accordance with the site plan.

All plants were installed along with fresh new soil around the rootball to ensure proper plant development. A thick layer of cedar mulch was then applied to the plant beds for a beautiful, neat finish that would minimize weed growth. Mulch is visually appealing, healthy for plants, naturally repels insects, promotes soil microorganisms and retains moisture. A mix of fresh soil, fertilizer and peat moss was laid down where the lawn was to be created. Sod rolls were cut with precision to form neat, smooth curves, then packed tightly together for a beautifully carpeted lawn.

Next, annuals and bulbs were planted in the fall, with the anticipation of providing an array of color and texture for then following spring. When the landscaping was complete a fence company was contracted to install the two gates on each side of the property. The Wiesner Bros. Staff returns periodically to maintain the landscape. This includes trimming, fertilizing, installing seasonal color in annuals as well as freshening up the mulch. Due to recent circumstances, we also take deer control measures if necessary, a recently new concern for Staten Islanders. This is done to ensure the plants live a long and healthy life and that the landscape doesn't need to be replaced every five years. An expert is recommended for the maintenance of one's landscape, if the gardener doesn't know the name of the plants, we don't recommend letting them trim them.



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It’s Halloween at Wiesner Bros. Nursery

Happy Halloween from Wiesner Bros. Nursery. We take pride in our wide selection of pumpkins, gords, hay bales, cornstalks and complimentary flowers and plants to give your front lawn or porch that distinctive Halloween look. Wiesner Bros offers a beautiful, fresh array of all the things you need to accentuate the exterior of your home.  […]

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2015 Felix T. Gilroy Memorial Green Genesis Award

Every year, the SIEDC recognizes leaders in the local economy who have made significant advances in sustainability. Along with a select few other companies, Hans gladly accepted this award on our company’s behalf.

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“GOOD BUG TRIO” – Superheroes for your garden!

The “Good Bug Trio” is a team of insects which you can readily purchase and release into your garden.  The “Good Bug Trio” will battle the evil bugs in your garden and help keep it looking its best.

The first member of the “Good Bug Trio” is the Ladybug.  Ladybugs do not fly at night so […]

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Seed Starter Seminar – April 4, 2015

     1. Seeds

What to start indoors
When to start

Starting Mix

Soil-less mixes




Plastic Covers

The Procedure

Soaking the seed
Preparing the starting mix

Temperature & Light

Refrigerator & heat mats

Care for your Seedling



What to start?

I start what I eat in volume. I also start what is expensive to buy or hard to find. I don’t start […]

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2015 Spring Event Schedule

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