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Warm Weather Annuals to Brighten Up Cabin Fever

With snow on the ground and slush covered streets, cabin fever is setting in. Your gardens and plants are covered with snow, and the landscape looks white and grey. Add some color with warm-weather annuals in your window. At this time of the year, warm-weather annuals such as marigolds and geraniums can’t last outside; but [...]

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Follow Us On Pinterest

We recently updated our Pinterest page, and will be doing so as we take more photos of our beautiful plants, gardens, and renovations. Discover the colors of nature with our Beautiful Flowers and Autumn Colors boards. See the joys of the holidays with our Holiday Decor board. Check out what our staff does on the [...]

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January Gardening To-Do List

Wiesner Bros. Nursery is back from vacation and open for all of your garden and landscaping needs. January is a month of renewal, for both people and gardens. This year, make a New Year’s Resolution towards a more beautiful home. January is a good time to plant or sow large variety of plants for the [...]

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