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Wrap your fig tree for the winter!

Fig trees are a quite popular Mediterranean fruit that present an excellent addition to your yard. Although the trees prosper within warmer climates, there are preventative methods in which you can take in order to protect your fig tree from the harsh winter ahead. Moving into the colder portion of the year, you will notice [...]

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The Chrysanthemum

Autumn has finally arrived! One of nature's most beautiful times of the year.  With cooler weather fastly approaching, it is time to start planning out what one can do to decorate their garden for the Fall. For a great pop of color, the Chrysanthemum is a great addition to any garden. A profuse bloomer, which [...]

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Dragon Eye Pine, the Summer Pine Tree

When you think of pine trees, most people’s thoughts go to Christmas trees, pines on the mountains, or the dark green color of the needles among the snow of winter. Pine trees are often associated with cold weather; but there are some exceptions. The Dragon Eye Pine is a beautiful tree that shows it’s true [...]

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August Gardening

While most people think of Spring for garden work, August is an important month for gardeners. Preparing your outdoor space in August can brighten up your landscape during the Autumn chill and even into the Winter months. Late August is a good time to start thinking about pruning Summer-blooming shrubs like Hydrangeas, Crape Myrtle, and [...]

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One of the most popular flowering bushes across America, Hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They are bushes with beautiful flowers that bloom in a variety of colors based on species and soil acidity. The colors of hydrangeas can be Deep purple to light blue in acidic soil, a mix of blue and [...]

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Crape Myrtle

If you are looking for a colorful focal point to your yard, the Crape Myrtle is a wonderfully diverse tree species. It’s flowers bloom in an assortment of colors based on species, its leaves provide a beautiful autumnal display, and the bark of the tree is soft and colorful. It can be an excellent addition [...]

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Summer Watering

Summer has begun. When the thermostat goes up a little tender care for your garden and lawn can be helpful. The watering your lawn, flowers and vegetables is important during summer months when rain isn’t as plentiful as it should be. . Over or under-watering can pose problems.  If your garden is deficient in water, [...]

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Tips to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies are always a pleasant sight, their bright colors and gentle fluttering flight patterns complement any garden. They also benefit the garden itself by pollinating flowers. If you want to attract more of these beautiful insects to your own backyard, then follow these handy tips. Plant Diversity It is almost impossible to plant many flowers [...]

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Bugs Beneficial to Your Garden

Aphids can be a gardener’s nightmare; and no one wants annoying gnats and mosquitoes in their yard. But rather than using sprays or pesticides, you can attract natural predators and beneficial bugs to keep them away. We may often think that all bugs are bad bugs, but this is not true. Bees are one of [...]

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May Flowers

Coneflowers - Rudbeckia hirta Spring is in full swing! The flowers are blooming and the colors are popping up all over our nursery. Add some great color to your garden with perennials that are already in bloom. This instant splash of color will certainly make your home even more lovely. Coneflowers, Foxglove, Daylilies, [...]

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