One of the most popular flowering bushes across America, Hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They are bushes with beautiful flowers that bloom in a variety of colors based on species and soil acidity. The colors of hydrangeas can be Deep purple to light blue in acidic soil, a mix of blue and pink – or vibrant white in neutral soil, and light pinks to deep red in basic soil.They are good indicators of the alkalinity of the soil. This can help you know if it is too acidic or basic for your other plants.
In the middle of summer, the full color of Hydrangea bushes truly show the most vibrancy, but they can begin their bloom in the late spring, providing color for much longer than most plants. Hydrangeas are covered in beautifully colored flowers in tight bunches during the hottest parts of summer. Hydrangea plants grow best in part shade, and in moist soil. Mulching around the plant can help keep moisture in and provide nutrients to the plant.
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