When you think of pine trees, most people’s thoughts go to Christmas trees, pines on the mountains, or the dark green color of the needles among the snow of winter. Pine trees are often associated with cold weather; but there are some exceptions. The Dragon Eye Pine is a beautiful tree that shows it’s true beauty and color in the heat of late summer. A breed of Japanese Red pines, the Dragon Eye has needles that are striped with yellow and green. In the summer, the pale yellow color becomes more vibrant. The bark of the tree ranges from a light grey to a deep brown, and looks like scales. The tips of the branches display the needles in a ring, and with the dark center, it looks almost like an eye.
This tree grows very whimsically, with a twisted trunk that leans and irregular branching to create a beautiful shape. At full growth, it can be about thirty feet tall. It is a great tree for creating a windbreak in your yard and is very strong when mature, and makes a magnificent focal point for your backyard.
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