Autumn has finally arrived! One of nature’s most beautiful times of the year.  With cooler weather fastly approaching, it is time to start planning out what one can do to decorate their garden for the Fall. For a great pop of color, the Chrysanthemum is a great addition to any garden. A profuse bloomer, which comes in a wide variety of colors and flower shapes.

A great tip to remember when choosing your mums, is to be sure to purchase the mums that are between the budded and slightly cracking color stage. A mum showing full color would not be a wise choice as it is very tough to tell how long it has already been in bloom for, it could only have a few days left in its blooming cycle! If purchased properly and placed in the right location, it is reasonable to expect a few great weeks of blooms.

Mums, purchased in pots, can be left in their pots, but will require much more watering to keep them alive. By planting them in the ground, they will retain moisture much better, which is much less work for the home owner. If possible, a prime location for a mum would be in a partially shaded area. An area receiving full sun would shorten the bloom cycle, thus not getting as much bang for your buck from your mums.

The Nursery is fully stocked with an assortment of tightly budded mums to suit every gardener’s needs. The Wiesner staff, armed with 88 years of experience, is here to guide you in achieving your dream garden. Whether it be from a redo of your entire landscape, the planting of a single bush, to advising on how to maintain your lawn, our friendly staff is at your service!