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How to Landscape my Front Yard

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        Your front yard is the first impression people get of your home. To truly make a house into a home, a beautiful landscape will add that special touch. Depending on the scope of the project, working with a professional landscaper will insure it is done right the first time and is built to last 20- 30 years with proper maintenance. Here are a list factors to be considered in order to chose the proper plant material.


Perhaps the single most important factor when selecting plants. To ensure a long healthy life of the landscape, plants need to be selected based on the site’s sun conditions. A shade tolerant plant in full sun will burn up; where as a sun tolerant plant in shade will exfoliate and wither away. A proper site evaluation is imperative to make sure the right plants are selected.


Plants love water, but too much water is detrimental to plant health. Conversely, some plants can tolerate wet feet where as others prefer dry conditions. After a site evaluation is conducted, grade changes can be planned for to change a location’s drainage.


Plants, like people, grow to be different sizes; however to a much more extreme scale. Some can grow laterally and max out at only a couple inches tall, where as others can grow to over 70 feet in height! Trimming is recommended and a great practice for keeping your landscape under control, but can be effective to an extent. Make sure to do your research and decide how much room you are willing to give to your newly acquired landscape. Plants grown with the purpose of becoming a privacy screen shouldn’t be confused with plants grown with the purpose of becoming a showy foundation piece. Do not be fooled by the current size of the plant and research first.


Every landscape should serve a purpose in its location. This could range from solely aesthetics with a strategic blend of
textures and colors to a privacy hedge to screen thy neighbor. Attention to detail can do wonders for one’s yard. Proper planning will ensure smooth transitions into different parts of the yard and accomplish one’s goals.  Fine details such as integrating garden art, boulder outcroppings and seasonal color can really take the yard to a different level.  This is where a landscape design done by an experienced professional can really help.


A ballpark budget should be established prior to starting the project. A yard is a blank canvas which means there are endless ways to go about customizing the landscape. Some of the factors that go into determining a budget include, plant types, maturity of plants, quantity of plants, and integration of garden art. Contacting your landscape professional with pictures and measurements is a great way to start.

This can be a lot for one to digest, especially with little experience in the field, but here at Wiesner Bros., Contact Us we are more than happy to help!


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