The most popular question we get this time of year is “it time to plant yet?” The correct answer to this question will depend on what you would like to plant.With the weather still being cool and a slim possibility of still getting snow, some items are limited.

Ready to Go

Now is a great time to plant shrubs, trees, roses and perennials, basically everything that is winter hardy in our climate. In terms of vegetables, the ones that like the cool weather are now ok to be out side such as carrots, lettuce and carrots. It is also a smart idea to get your grass seed down so it takes off as soon as a couple warm days come along.

Not Quite Yet

Some plants would freeze if a cool night comes along, this is why recommend still waiting on your warm weather vegetables such as peppers, basil eggplant and tomatoes. Annuals such as marigolds, petunias and begonias should not be rushed into the ground either. A safe date for this section would be after mothers day. Mother Nature is very unpredictable, but it is better safe than sorry with the sensitive items.

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