The first day of Spring is March 20th, which means now is a great time to start planning for this years gardening. Whether it be just a few plants or a re-design of an overgrown front yard, the Wiesner staff will be more than happy to help you reach your goal.


When it comes to landscaping, their are so many different ways to complete a single project, ranging from plant selection to the layout of the design. The reason planning is so imperative is to ensure that when it comes time to install, it is done right the first time. The landscape designers at Wiesner Bros. Nursery can take the time now to explore the various way to go about completing a project and determine which route best meets your needs. It is not an overnight process and needs to be carefully laid out for success.


Depending on the scope of the project, if it requires construction of walls, fencing, pools, patios or even removal of trees, some instances require permits. Depending on the municipality, this could be a drawn out process which could take weeks or even months. Wiesner Bros. designers are well educated in the codes of various districts, and will propose the various options to satisfy code, however it will not be us making the final review on the permits.


Once the first warm day of spring hits, a lightbulb goes off and most people proceed to call their landscaper in regards to spring maintenance. By planning early, one can reserve a spot at the front of the line for scheduling work. We do have a very seasoned and efficient landscape crew, however during the peak season, our waiting list could be up to a month or two long.


By getting a head start and planning early, you will greatly improve your chances of having your dream garden completed in time for warm weather enjoyment. To be able to relax and entertain in your new garden this year, the process starts now.