Transplanting is a great way to add a new wrinkle to your landscape, whether something is outgrowing its spot in the landscape, or its just time for a change, the nice thing about plants is they are not permanent. However, they can become permanent as there does come a point when a plant can become too large, making it not feasible to move. It is important to make sure the plant is in the right location when this occurs.

In the early spring, plants are still dormant which means they are essentially asleep and not active. This is a great time to transplant because it doesn’t stress the plant out during its critical production phase. For smaller, more manageable items, corners can be cut and success can be had transplanting during other times of the year. For larger items we strongly recommend it only when the plant is dormant, if it it something that can’t easily be replaced, a good piece of advise would be to take the utmost care in doing so.

The Nursery staff is more than happy to assist in all your transplanting endeavors. We are more then willing to arm you with the proper materials and technique required for maximum success.