The beauty of annuals in your garden is that they never stop blooming and can be customized from year to year. Here at Wiesner Bros. Nursery we carry a large variety of different types of annuals, but as with most varieties of plants, there are some that we prefer to others. Outlined in this article are our favorites year after year.

Sun Tolerant

Dusty Miller- Planted for its vibrant white foliage color. The small yellow flower is nothing to talk about, but is very hardy and can be perennial in many cases.

Petunia- A very attractive trumpet like flower which will provide constant blooms. Occasional dead- heading will help produce more blooms.

Marigold- A sturdy flower which comes in shades of yellows and oranges and everything in between. Dead heading is recommended for more bud production.

Shade Tolerant

Begonia- Probably the most constant, repetitive bloomer of all the annuals we carry, does great in sun and shade and requires very little maintenance.

Coleus- A head turner when fully mature, these are planted for their vibrant leaf color rather then their flower. Grown in an array of colors from deep red to bright neon yellow.

New Guinnea Impatient- A very wide spectrum of vibrant color choices with this flower. Hot pinks and deep purples really bring a special element to your garden. Sturdy and gives some solid height to the garden

These are our favorites, but there are so many types of annual varieties out there. Contact the landscape professionals with any questions or any new varieties you would like to see.