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5 considerations when deciding to landscape your home

1. Sun:

The sun plays a much larger role in plant selection than many think. Some plants do best in a sunny area whereas others require more shade. It is important to know which plant options would work best for your specific spot.

2. Drainage:

This could be a life or death factor for your plants. It is […]

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What the hell happened to my plants?!

As we collectively boo old man winter  off stage, we are beginning to notice  his brutal effects in our landscapes across the North East. This winter was not very kind to our beloved broadleaf evergreens.  The following plants were hit very hard:

Andromeda, Azalea, Boxwood, Holly, Laurel, Leucothoe, Photinia and Rhododendron.

What Happened?  

The long and short […]

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Start Planning Now for Your Spring Planting Project

Have you let this endless winter get you into a funk?  For most kinds of trees and shrubs, early spring is the ideal planting season.  It is always advised to start your planning as soon as possible to […]

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Prescription For Success

Prescriptive Fertilization

At Wiesner Bros. we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool.  The more information that you have on your landscape and garden, the better you understand the reason certain tasks are done. Fertilization of trees and shrubs is not the same as fertilization of your lawn or summer flowers, and yes too little or […]

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Tips to minimize snow damage to your upright evergreens

Upright evergreens can take a beating over the course of a winter such as the one we're experiencing this year.  There are some things you can do to minimize the long term damage. Proper preparation is best thing to do in situations such as this, but it's too late for that now, so let's concentrate […]

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Hollies, Rhododendrons, and Laurels are just a few examples of broadleaf evergreens common to our area.  These plants help keep our landscapes looking beautiful year round. The dry winds of winter blow across these plants robbing them of their moisture and by winter's end they may have significant damage.  A little care can prevent a great deal of this damage.  […]

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Getting your roses ready for winter

Leave the last blooms in the fall on the plant to form hips.  This will slow growth and help them go dormant.  Continue to spray with fungicide until the leaves drop.  Rake off and remove all leaves from the rose bed to prevent diseases from harboring over winter.  Do not compost these leaves, they may […]

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Make your own portable garden

For those grid locked in hardscapes in need of some color to brighten up the cement, mother nature is here to help. One can build their own seasonal garden to brighten up even the dullest of areas. All that is needed is an ideal spot to showcase your creation and we can supply the rest. […]

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Benefits of a shade tree

During the dogs days of summer a small fortune is often spent on trying to keep cool and get out of the heat. Why not save on those electricity bills and invest in a shade tree. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the net cooling effect of a young healthy tree is equivalent to […]

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Why Cedar Mulch?

Nothing quite adds the finishing touch to a landscape like cedar mulch. The visual benefits of this product are well known but few are educated on the total package of benefits cedar mulch provides. Cedar mulch is essential in a new landscape simply because it provides a natural weed barrier and aids greatly in water […]

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