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Icicle pansies for your garden

For beautiful Winter color in your garden, Icicle Pansies are flowers that grow late into the Winter and can even bloom again in the early Spring. When planted, Icicle Pansies bloom in the early Fall and Spring. Icicle Pansies grow in a variety of colors, from deep purple to orange to sky blues. Like most [...]

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Five considerations when deciding to landscape your home

1. Sun: The sun plays a much larger role in plant selection than many think. Some plants do best in a sunny area whereas others require more shade. It is important to know which plant options would work best for your specific spot. 2. Drainage: This could be a life or death factor for your [...]

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Spring has Sprung, Time to get Planting!

Spring is here and its time to get planting! Due to their cold tolerance, the first annuals we will be stocking will be the pansies, always the first flowers to brighten up your garden. A great bridge of color until the rest of the annuals arrive in late April. The bulbs, which needed to be [...]

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Early Spring is great for transplanting

Transplanting is a great way to add a new wrinkle to your landscape, weather something is outgrowing its spot in the landscape, or its just time for a change, the nice thing about plants is they are not permanent. However, they can become permanent as there does come a point when a plant can become too large, [...]

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Add Winter interest to your garden!

During the gloomy winter months, gardening is the last thing on most peoples mind. While planting is extremely difficult when the ground is frozen there are some plants out there that can add winter interest to your garden. They may to too late to add, but now would be a great time to start planning [...]

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The Chrysanthemum

Autumn has finally arrived! One of nature's most beautiful times of the year.  With cooler weather fastly approaching, it is time to start planning out what one can do to decorate their garden for the Fall. For a great pop of color, the Chrysanthemum is a great addition to any garden. A profuse bloomer, which [...]

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Tips to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies are always a pleasant sight, their bright colors and gentle fluttering flight patterns complement any garden. They also benefit the garden itself by pollinating flowers. If you want to attract more of these beautiful insects to your own backyard, then follow these handy tips. Plant Diversity It is almost impossible to plant many flowers [...]

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Bugs Beneficial to Your Garden

Aphids can be a gardener’s nightmare; and no one wants annoying gnats and mosquitoes in their yard. But rather than using sprays or pesticides, you can attract natural predators and beneficial bugs to keep them away. We may often think that all bugs are bad bugs, but this is not true. Bees are one of [...]

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Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project

A spring garden can create beautiful colors to bring your home out of its winter gloom. Planning out your garden and landscape now will ensure that you are ready to bring spring color to your home, while giving you plenty of time to gather supplies and discuss your ideas with the experts at Wiesner Bros. [...]

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January Gardening To-Do List

Wiesner Bros. Nursery is back from vacation and open for all of your garden and landscaping needs. January is a month of renewal, for both people and gardens. This year, make a New Year’s Resolution towards a more beautiful home. January is a good time to plant or sow large variety of plants for the [...]

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