Hollies, Rhododendrons, and Laurels are just a few examples of broadleaf evergreens common to our area.  These plants help keep our landscapes looking beautiful year round. The dry winds of winter blow across these plants robbing them of their moisture and by winter’s end they may have significant damage.  A little care can prevent a great deal of this damage. 

 Wiesner Brothers Nursery recommends making the application of an anti-transpirant spray, such as “Wilt Stop” a part of your regular winter landscape maintenance.  We feel this is especially important if any of your broadleaf evergreens are exposed to wind, planted in a container, have been freshly planted or transplanted or have sustained winter damage in the past.


“Wilt Stop” is a natural nontoxic spray which covers your plants with a protective coating which holds moisture in the foliage. It is available in a ready to use spray bottle and for larger areas a mix and use concentrate. Stop in today to learn more and pick yours up.