One of the most popular and thoroughly enjoyed flowers in gardens are that of hydrangeas. Sadly they usually only last for a limited period of one to two months, depending on the weather. If properly preserved, they can be enjoyed year round.

Steps to properly dry hydrangea flowers:

  1. The opertune time to cut off the flower is right after the bloom begins to fade in color. (The fresh, colorful blooms will not dry well.) Cut the flower off with a stem around 12″.
  2.  Gingerly pick the leaves off the stems and place the stems in vases of water. Be sure not to jam too many stems into one vase, airflow is important.
  3. Store in a dry and cool location until all the water evaporates out of the vase.
  4. Your dried hydrangeas are now ready to be enjoyed year round. They can be used in a variety of ways and are great for arts and crafts.