House plants are a great addition to any home. They will help improve air quality, lower stress and anxiety, improve your mood, reduce fatigue and even boost healing. Some are easy to care for while others are best suited for the care of an expert. Here is a list of plants we recommend for beginners that do not require a green thumb:

Cactus and Succulents

Widely regarded as some of the easiest to grow based on their water needs. They enjoy direct sunlight and soil with good drainage. It is best to let the soil fully dry out before watering which can easily be weeks between each watering. Little to no trimming is needed.


This is a vine like plant with heart shaped leaves that will flow over the side of the pot. The pothos will do well in low light, bright light and don’t need to much water. They can easily be trimmed when the vines get too long. They will thrive in nutrient rich soil, but grow almost just as well in nutrient poor soil.

Snake Plant

An attractive upright plant that thrives on neglect. Will tolerate low light and little water. A slow grower that also comes with variegated leaf edging. Perhaps the easiest to care for plant we sell!

Spider Plant

Most commonly planted in a hanging basket or place on a plant stand. Enjoys slightly moist soil and and medium sunlight. Be careful not to over water as this can lead to root rot. They do best in temperatures around 55 to 65 F.

Contact us or stop in to the nursery to see our latest stock of houseplants. Our experienced staff would be more than happy to provide you with proper care instructions, answer and questions you may have and stock any additional supplies that may be needed.