The third week of September is National Indoor Plants Week which is a time to reflect on the importance of having live plants in interior locations. Commonly selected as decoration to turn a house into a home, but they are so much more than that. Indoor plants will create oxygen, reduce noise, remove carbon dioxide and even clean the air.

Rather flexible, indoor plants can survive in your home, and office where you work, and hospital, even restaurants and other assorted business, as long as they are placed in a proper sunlight location. It is a common misconception that only expert gardeners can keep houseplants alive and thriving. Although this can be true for some species, plants come in various levels of gardening skill required. plants such as cacti and snake plants the skill required is to be able to refrain from watering too often!

How to celebrate

A good way to show your house plants appreciation is to give them a shot of fertilizer. Dusting off the leaves is also a good practice to ensure photosynthesis doesn’t get hindered. Adding a new member to your collection will further enhance the previously listed benefits. They also make a great gift to a friend or a loved one!

At Wiesner Bros. Nursery, we always try to stock a large variety of houseplant to suit every customers needs. Assorted sizes, light conditions, textures and colors, there are many to chose from. Our expert staff would love to help assist with the selection of your new addition. Contact us with any questions.