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Contorted Filbert

A famous Contorted Filbert or commonly seen as Harry Lauder’s walking stick. This tree was discovered in the in the mid-1800s and has been a big hit ever since. This very slow growing tree has branches that grow, twisting and swirling. This tree makes a great centerpiece and there is nothing out there like it

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Dragon-Eye Pine


This is one cool looking evergreen. This slow growing specimen can reach over 30 feet tall! This tree has odd colored needles covering it. They are green with yellow bands on them. This yellow intensifies as the summer goes on. It is rumor that this tree was sometimes kept at the entrance of Samurai's homes. […]

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Golden Spanish Fir

A collectors item this is a very rare and unique tree. It has very stiff nonpointy needles. The needles are green but every year the new growth is a very special sulfur-gold color. This is a very slow growing tree that may only grow up to 10 feet tall.

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Umbrella Pine


This is an ancient Japanese evergreen tree. Fossil records date it back to first appearing over 230million years ago (which is before the dinosaurs.) Unlike most pines the needles aren't needles. They have the shape of a needle but are not sharp and are soft, glossy and leaf like. These trees are very slow growers […]

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Burning Bush

A burning bush is a wonderful plant to have in your yard. At full maturity it is between 6 and 10 feet tall. This plant will flourish in full to part sun. This plant will be green for most of the year but starting in the late summer will become a beautiful red that is […]

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Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia or commonly known as a crape or grepe myrtle is a fantastic tree. They have just started flowering and have a beautiful flower that most trees can not match. They come in all sorts of different colors including red, white, pink, purple and lavender. They get raspberry colored berries after flowering that do not […]

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Dwarf Southern Magnolia

A dwarf Southern Magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. This delightful evergreen will provide you with a display of large white fragrant flowers in the summer. The leaves of this tree are a rusty- brown on the underside and will not take over your yard like a true Southern […]

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Specimen Plant Delivery

Looking for a unique centerpiece to your landscape and to give something for your guests to talk about, Araucaria araucana is one of the many specimen trees we have to offer. Shown above is one of our larger items being prepared for delivery. A delightful evergreen which when mature will produce a tasty seed as […]

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Shaina Maple

Introducing our new shaina maple. A true dwarf which grows in a globe shape and can reach five feet. This plant will offer a nice red contrast to your landscape as well as little to no maintenance being as it will not need to be trimmed like most maples. A very slow grower which will […]

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Feelin’ Blue Cedar

A bright blue dwarf evergreen which will grow to 2-4' tall and spread to about 5' wide. Makes for a nice groundcover and fits in well on slopes or cascading off raised planterbeds and retaining walls. An irregular growth pattern allows for a year round injection of different heights, texture and color into your garden. […]

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