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Icicle Pansies for your Garden

For beautiful Winter color in your garden, Icicle Pansies are flowers that grow late into the Winter and can even bloom again in the early Spring. When planted, Icicle Pansies bloom in the early Fall and Spring. Icicle Pansies grow in a variety of colors, from deep purple to orange to sky blues. Like most [...]

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Bring Color to Your Home with Beautiful Fall Berries

It may be hot out, but Fall is on the way. A great indicator of the coming of Autumn is the beautiful berries produced by Holly, Hawthorn, and Crabapple plants. Each of these plants produce berries that will soon start to become a striking red color. Holly bushes and trees come in all shapes and [...]

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August Gardening

While most people think of Spring for garden work, August is an important month for gardeners. Preparing your outdoor space in August can brighten up your landscape during the Autumn chill and even into the Winter months. Late August is a good time to start thinking about pruning Summer-blooming shrubs like Hydrangeas, Crape Myrtle, and [...]

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Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies have been a part of the holiday tradition since its inception. These beautiful white flowers are symbolic of rebirth and the coming of spring. As Easter draws near, along with the first days of spring, the Wiesner Bros. Nursery has prepared the delicate white flowers for your home. The white flowers with golden-hued [...]

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March To-Do List

March is an important month for gardeners. It marks the coming of spring and an end to the bitter cold. March is a great time to start your spring landscaping project, or talk with our professionals about having our experts get the job done for you. Deciduous trees should be planted before they come out [...]

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Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project

A spring garden can create beautiful colors to bring your home out of its winter gloom. Planning out your garden and landscape now will ensure that you are ready to bring spring color to your home, while giving you plenty of time to gather supplies and discuss your ideas with the experts at Wiesner Bros. [...]

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