A spring garden can create beautiful colors to bring your home out of its winter gloom. Planning out your garden and landscape now will ensure that you are ready to bring spring color to your home, while giving you plenty of time to gather supplies and discuss your ideas with the experts at Wiesner Bros. Nursery.
For the new season, try planting different perennials that you wouldn’t usually grow. Different flowers can come in shapes, sizes, and colors that can evoke a more unique and creative look to your home. Peonies bloom in a beautiful, many petalled, flower that can be grown well in our garden zone. They come in many colors; from blue, to pink, to white. Some seeds need a cold spell before sprouting. If you want to grow flowers like foxglove and poppies, they can be grown from scattered seeds, and grow best after sitting in the soil at the end of winter. Planting for the next winter can be beneficial. Certain plants retain beautiful color during the winter months and can bring beauty to your yard in the cold. Holly bushes produce colorful berries in the winter. Witch hazel (shown above) yields small, yellow & orange flowers in the winter.
Ornaments can transform your garden space into a masterpiece. Whether it’s a birdbath, garden gnomes, a fountain, or a bench; a beautiful and ornate add on to your landscape can tie it all together.
Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you with all of your gardening and landscaping needs. Whether it be the ambitious, hands on customer, or those who prefer us to do the dirty work, our fully stocked garden center and 8 acre nursery have everything you need to create your dream garden for your dream home.