The last snowfall accompanied by rain has left the ground very icy and hazardous. Commuters were delayed and the whole city was effected. There are many accidents after any snowfall, especially one paired with rain. Not all of those accidents are car crashes. Slip-and-fall cases are very common in law practices, and can cause home- and land-owners thousands of dollars in compensation and courtroom fees. Be prepared for this snowfall cleanup, as well as more to come, with shovels, car cleaners, and ice melt from Wiesner Brothers Nursery. We carry a wide variety in ice melt, in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Our garden center is fully equipped with all sizes and types of shovels; perfect for any home, or for keeping one in the trunk for emergencies. Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc. has everything you need for snow removal in our garden center. We also have a vast array of trees, flowers, and shrubs in our 8 acre nursery.
For four generations, Wiesner Bros. Inc. has been serving Staten Island. No other Landscaping company on Staten Island can compare. Don’t get caught in the snow unequipped, stop in today for and speak to our knowledgeable staff.