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Caring for your Christmas tree

Caring for your Wiesner Bros. Fraser Fir Make a fresh cut straight across the base of the tree. Cut off approximately 1" before placing it in the stand. (We offer complementary fresh cuts at the nursery) It is recommended to use a stand that will hold a half gallon of water or more. Maximize the [...]

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Christmas Trees at Wiesner Bros.

Wiesner Bros. Nursery has a wide selection of  Fraser fir Christmas trees, ready and waiting for Staten  Islanders with a discerning eye for quality. You can come down to our 8 acre nursery and walk through our fresh, lush inventory of Christmas trees and wreaths. Find the perfect tree or wreath for your home holiday [...]

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Our Favorite Winter Berries

As the weather starts to cool, plants begin to get ready for dormancy, all plants prepare differently, but some produce a surplus of berries which bring a unique touch of winter appeal. These berries are not only ascetically pleasing, but some can attract an array of wild life to your garden, the most desirable are [...]

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Crape Myrtles

If you are looking for a colorful focal point to your yard, the Crape Myrtle is a wonderfully diverse tree species. It’s flowers bloom in an assortment of colors based on species, its leaves provide a beautiful autumnal display, and the bark of the tree is soft and colorful. It can be an excellent addition [...]

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Planter watering tips

The beauty of planters are they can easily be moved to the perfect spot and really bring an array of color to a dull area. They make great additions to pool areas, stoops or any grid locked area where soil is not available. However, they do require more care than plants in the ground, especially [...]

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Don’t forget to water!

Summer has begun. When the thermostat goes up a little tender care for your garden and lawn can be helpful. The watering your lawn, flowers and vegetables is important during summer months when rain isn’t as plentiful as it should be. . Over or under-watering can pose problems.  If your garden is deficient in water, [...]

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Wiesner’s top five perennials for your garden

Hemerocallis- More commonly known as the daylilly, a hardy plant which comes in a variety of flower shapes, sizes and colors. They do well in sunny or shady areas and some varieties even re-bloom throughout the season, making it one of the longest flowering perennials. Hosta- Perhaps the hardest of perennials, does well in part [...]

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Five considerations when deciding to landscape your home

1. Sun: The sun plays a much larger role in plant selection than many think. Some plants do best in a sunny area whereas others require more shade. It is important to know which plant options would work best for your specific spot. 2. Drainage: This could be a life or death factor for your [...]

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Everything you need to know about starting seeds!

Seeds What to start? I start what I eat in volume. I also start what is expensive to buy or hard to find. I don't start anything vining or quick growing. When to start? Depends on the type of seed you choose. If you look at the back of the seed's pack, there will be [...]

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