1. Hemerocallis- More commonly known as the daylilly, a hardy plant which comes in a variety of flower shapes, sizes and colors. They do well in sunny or shady areas and some varieties even re-bloom throughout the season, making it one of the longest flowering perennials.
  2. Hosta- Perhaps the hardest of perennials, does well in part sun to dense shade. Known for the variety of interesting leaf shapes and colors. Does flower, however it is nothing spectacular.
  3. Astilbe- Produces a very interesting plume shaped flower which comes in a variety of colors. Good for part sun to part shade.
  4. Rudbeckia- Spectacular blooms in late spring to summer which come mostly in different shades of yellow. Best in full sun.
  5. Heuchera- Known for its interesting leaf color which can range from deep purple to lime green. Does best in part sun to part shade. Not very interesting flower.

Need help in deciding which best fits your garden? Wiesner bros nursery’s friendly staff would be more than happy to assist in your decision making. We also stock a wide variety of other types of perennials not listed above. Stop in and check them out.