Summer has begun. When the thermostat goes up a little tender care for your garden and lawn can be helpful. The watering your lawn, flowers and vegetables is important during summer months when rain isn’t as plentiful as it should be. . Over or under-watering can pose problems.  If your garden is deficient in water, nutrients can’t be absorbed readily from the soil. If there is too much water, healthy plant growth is difficult. Knowing a few things about your garden and proper watering can help you through the summer months and year round.

Garden vegetables can be watered two to three times per week, when there is little or no rain. If your vegetables are in containers they will need water daily in the summer months because they dry out faster than the ground. Try to water evenly and thoroughly like the rain. It is best to water in early morning or evening. The ground is cooler at these times and early watering is more efficient. Try not to water leaves, to help prevent mold disease.  When you water your garden, allow time for the water to seep into the ground slowly. If the ground saturates, move away and come back to water again, so the water seeps into the soil instead of running off. Remember that your are watering the soil deep into the roots. Not just the surface.  It’s important to make sure the water in your garden penetrates deeply, feeding the whole root system.  Many garden vegetables have roots that extend beyond 12 inches. Keep this in mind when watering. Mulch spread on the surface of the ground makes a good moisture barrier, that helps keep the water in the ground, while it reduces runoff. If you use a collection cup as a gauge, 1 inch of water should be sufficient for your vegetable garden, if you are watering evenly by sprinkler..

If you are watering lawns and annuals, these roots are  within the first 6 inches of soil. It is best to  water lawns in the early morning between 6 to 10 am. Avoid watering in the middle of the day. 20-30 minutes of water through a sprinkler twice per week is usually sufficient for lawns in the NY-NJ area. Each watering should be 1/2 inch or less.

Your flower garden on the whole can usually take on 1 inch of rain per week. Make sure you moisten the soil to a depth of six inches for a comprehensive soak. Certain flowers take more or less water according to their needs. Visit us at Wiesner Bros. Nursery if you have any questions on the needs of any particular plant. We are happy to help you.