As the weather starts to cool, plants begin to get ready for dormancy, all plants prepare differently, but some produce a surplus of berries which bring a unique touch of winter appeal. These berries are not only ascetically pleasing, but some can attract an array of wild life to your garden, the most desirable are usually the birds.

A hawthorn is a deciduous tree which flowers in the spring and is a prominent producer of bright red berries. These berries usually persist well after the leaves fall off giving it a rather unique and attractive interest during the winter months.

A holly is usually more of a shrub, but can be grown into the more traditional tree look. Most hollies are evergreen however some varieties do come deciduous. None of the varieties have a very spectacular flower, but the berries they produce can be very striking against the dark green foliage. Depending on the variety, the berry color can range from bright red to even a striking yellow.

A crabapple is another deciduous tree which produces an abundance of flowers in the early spring. These flowers can range from white to pink and depending on the variety, can produce edible fruits. The ones we carry at the nursery are bred to have a better flower, thus do not fruit much. However the berries do come in various colors ranging from red to yellow.

Weather it be winter interest, a potential bird sanctuary or even the additional benefit of showy spring flowers, the Wiesner staff is more than happy to assist in getting some berries into your yard! Let it be a single tree or an entire yard makeover, take advantage of our professional staff, we are here to assist.