One on the best times to appreciate nature is during the fall foliage display. Once a year due to changes in length of daylight and temperature; leaves stop producing chlorophyll. For the yellow and oranges, such as beech, birch and aspen; the green starts to fade away and compounds in the leaves called carotenoids, that have been present all season, show through. As for the red foliage, such as maple, dogwoods and oaks; after the chlorophyll production stops, the production of anthocyanin begins. Anthocyanin essentially acts as a sunscreen to help the tree ready itself for the long winter. This chemical gives it the reddish color.

Fall foliage is natures last push of beauty before the leaves drop. Here at the
nursery we sell an assortment of plants that will look their best in the fall, we like to think of it as essentially a second bloom period for some. Depending on the weather, some fall foliage displays can actually last longer than spring flower blooms.

Some of the prettiest fall foliage ornamental plants we sell are varieties of Japanese maples, witch hazel, dogwood, hydrangea among others. Purples, reds, yellows, oranges there are many to pick from. An ideal landscape will have more than just spring color in flowers but a full 12 months of color. Contact us to help you design the perfect yard which always has a point of interest.

When planning your next vacation, perhaps consider leaf peeping the fall foliage of upstate New York or even Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. It’s a rather small window but it may give you a new appreciation on one of natures wonders. The North East United States climate boasts some of the best fall colors in the country.