During the gloomy winter months, gardening is the last thing on most peoples mind. While planting is extremely difficult when the ground is frozen there are some plants out there that can add winter interest to your garden. They may to too late to add, but now would be a great time to start planning for the spring planting season.

One of the most vibrant colored barks would belong to the coral bark maple. As the name suggests, the bark is a bright coral- red which really stands out against the dull winter colors. This plant has its best color when planted in full to part sun and when well fertilized.

The best flower of the winter garden would have to go to the witch hazel. The witch hazel does not have much competition as the blooms come out as soon as the frost starts to thaw. Flowers come out in red, orange, yellow and many colors in between. They are long stringy flowers which almost resemble the contorted hand of a witch.

A weeping beach is a plant which, after dropping its leaves, sports some of the most unique structure and character out of any plant. Branches weeping in various directions truly look beautiful when covered in a layer of snow.

These are just some of the choices at the nursery but we also stock many others. The winter is a great time to start planning for your spring gardening. The Wiesner staff is happy to assist in any way possible, weather it be choosing a single bush to finish off your garden, to an entire property makeover, we are here to help even the most novice of gardeners.