The “Good Bug Trio” is a team of insects which you can readily purchase and release into your garden.  The “Good Bug Trio” will battle the evil bugs in your garden and help keep it looking its best.

The first member of the “Good Bug Trio” is the Ladybug.  Ladybugs do not fly at night so that is the time to introduce them to your garden.  The Ladybug is the most famous of the beneficial insects.  Its bright red color and black spots make it easily recognizable in the garden.  The Ladybug searches for food all day long and is considered one of the most active predators. Each Ladybug is capable of consuming up to 50 aphids per day, but will also eat a wide variety of other insects and larva including scales, mealybugs, leafhoppers, mites and other soft bodied insects and their eggs.

The second member of the “Good Bug Trio” is the Praying Mantis.  The Praying Mantis is a fierce garden protector.  The Mantis moves freely through your plant beds and will eat any insect it can get its hands on.  They come as an egg sack which is purchased in spring and placed directly into the garden.  One egg sack will produce about 300 Mantis babies.  The Mantis babies are hatched with a ravishing hunger and will immediately start looking for their first meal.

The third member of the “Good Bug Trio” is the Green Lacewing.  The Green Lacewing is also known as the Aphid Lion because of the voracious appetite of their larvae.   Green Lacewing larvae eat the eggs and immature stages of many soft bodied insect pests, including several species of aphids, spider mites (especially red mites), trips, whitefly, leafhoppers, some beetle larvae, eggs and caterpillars of pest moths, and mealy bugs.

The “Good Bug Trio” is a safe and natural partner in your battle to keep your garden performing at its best.  Their presence in your garden will reduce the need for chemical pesticides and that’s good for all of us.

For further information about getting good bugs for your yard feel free to contact Max Wiesner